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Deep Sea Fishing (definition)

Deep Sea Fishing as Sport: Sport Fishing

Deep-sea (noun) of, found in, or characteristic of the deep parts of the sea: “deep-sea fishing” (adjective) of, relating to, or taking place in the deeper parts of the sea; “deep-sea fishing”
(synonyms) blue-water, oceanic, pelagic Fishing (noun) the activity of catching fish, either for food or as a sport. (synonyms) fishery – angling

Recreational fishing and sport fishing are fishing primarily for pleasure or competition. The most common form of recreational fishing is done with a rod, reel, line, hooks and any one of a wide range of baits or lures such as artificial flies. The practice of catching or attempting to catch fish with a hook is generally known as angling. In angling, it is sometimes expected or required that fish be returned to the water (catch and release). Recreational or sport fishermen may log their catches or participate in fishing competitions.

Big-game fishing is fishing from boats to catch large open-water species such as tuna, sharks, and marlin. Sport fishing (sometimes game fishing) is recreational fishing where the primary reward is the challenge of finding and catching the fish rather than the culinary or financial value of the fish's flesh. Fish sought after include sailfish, marlin, tuna, shark, dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, and many others.

The phrase ‘deep sea fishing’ often refers to one of two activities. The first is sport fishing where individuals on vacation rent a charter boat and spend the day hunting big game such as marlin or sailfish. The second meaning for deep sea fishing refers to an industry of fishermen looking for large hauls of fish at the bottom of the ocean. The two activities are very different and have very different impacts on the environment.


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